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Notice of objectionable conditions

Here you have the opportunity to notify about all matters worthy of criticism id | rig. It is possible to notify both anonymously and with contact information. You can notify in the form below.

The notification routines apply to all employees id | rig AS, and to external notifiers. It can also be notified of matters that affect our involvement with other companies, sister companies or partners.

The purpose of this routine is to ensure that any matters worthy of criticism come to light, so that measures can be taken against the matter. To achieve this, d | rig wants to make it possible for employees, customers and guests to feel safe in reporting matters worthy of criticism, without this having negative consequences for you.

​Notice of objectionable conditions

Thanks for your submission!

What is notification?

Notification is to report on matters worthy of criticism, such as breaches of laws, rules, ethical guidelines, or what in the general opinion is justifiable / acceptable, to someone who can do something about it.

It can be notified of cases id | rig AS which apply to, among other things:

  • Violation of general legislation

  • Violation of d | rig's values

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination

  • Financial fraud, including corruption

  • Privacy and information security

  • Conditions that pose a danger to people's lives and health

  • Substance abuse

  • Other matters worthy of criticism

Harassment is defined as when one or more persons, repeatedly over time, are subjected to negative actions, by one or more persons. It can also be a stand-alone action. This can be, for example, unwanted sexual attention, harassment, freezing, deprivation of work duties, or hurtful joking and teasing.

These are examples of what can be notified, and are not intended as a complete listing.

Anyone who experiences conditions you want to report should consider the possibility of raising this directly with them. If it is seen that such a remark is not possible, without risking reprisals or loss of interest, notification will be relevant and appropriate. Likewise, where such pointing has been attempted, and it has not led to improvement / change in what is notified.


Routine for handling cases

When d | rig receives a notification, it is taken seriously, and we want to resolve the matter at the lowest possible level.

The case will be taken up in the notification service, which will normally consist of a general manager and safety representative. The follow-up of the notification depends on the conditions to which the notification applies. The management and the safety representative will assess their impartiality in each individual case. Both the management and the safety representative have a duty of confidentiality.

The management / safety representative will talk to the parties, and possibly others involved in the notification, both to obtain facts in the course of events, and to find a solution to the problem. If you submit a notification with your own contact information, you will receive information about what follow-up the notification will receive.

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