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From linear to circular economy in the IT industry

How d|rig prioritize reuse

As a leading player in the reuse and recycling of IT equipment, we are focused on sustainability. To save the environment, we believe that the best thing we can do is focus on reuse to reduce production demands. The parts of the equipment that is not suitable for reuse go to material recycling.

By becoming a customer with us and allowing us to repurpose your IT equipment, you will get an optimal solution, which is economically beneficial, secure, and that meets the environment and reporting requirements.

Customers at d|rig choose one of two models; Revenue Share or Fixed Price.

Most people choose a Revenue Share agreement where we pick up, erase, grade, and sell the equipment, and the revenue is shared between d|rig and the customer. It is possible to donate the company's share to a charity if desired, which then will be included in their environmental report. The advantage of this model is the low level of involvement that is required from the customer, while environmental and safety reporting provides full control and overview.

Fixed price is possible if you have a great volume of clearly defined equipment. For example 100 units of one model and 100 units of another model. For the fixed price model we need a complete list of your IT assets and will provide you with a price estimate based on brand, model, etc. 

Accountability is important to us in d|rig. Therefore, we only sell our products to serious players in the world market.


We always put our customers' safety first. This means that the customer's equipment is deleted for all information before it leaves our warehouse.  See our solution for secure deletion.

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