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Imaging & Roll-out

We can help from A to Z.

How we work with imaging and rollout

d|rig also assists with the roll-out of new units.

Our services are modular and can be tailored as needed. This means that the modules are standardized, but you choose which modules to use.

Two main underlying elements will always be security and the environment. Security in the form of safe transport and storage, as well as executive personnel with an extended police certificate. In addition, secure data erasure is completed with tools approved by NSM (National Security Authority), NATO, and Common Criteria. We ensure environmentally-friendly reuse, disposal, and recycling. All equipment we process is reported.

The needs vary from pure logistics services when registering and sending units, to "log in ready units", configured with additional equipment and customer-specific software/image. It is the customer who lays down the guidelines for which units we process. We process everything from PC and mobile to monitors, docking stations, tablets, and other accessories.​

Registration in the Asset Management system for follow-up and dispatch to the right location as well as the history of units are modules that are important in a life cycle follow-up. We deliver this through a proprietary and dynamic system, d | manage, which is designed for API integration with existing Asset Management systems (such as SNOW).

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Do you want more information?

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