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Through our vision, we contribute to identifying and finding solutions to our customers 'and environmental partners' future challenges. The vision leads us through the working day as an individual, as a team, and as a holistic organization.

Everyone participates in this, and we work every day, tirelessly and continuously, to put the vision into practical action. In d|rig we have both the will and the ability to think outside the box, and we turn words into action. We do not let practical problems stop us. They represent opportunities and challenges, not limitations.

We want to be a role model for how we think about the circular economy with a focus on reuse, and we want to be brave when it comes to offering competitive services and solutions for our customers and environmental partners.

Our values

The customers, the environmental partners and our employees are our drivers and the gear around which we build our values. Our values show the way in our daily business. They support the way we work together and how we interact with each other.

Our values must be shown in everything we do inside and outside the company. This is a mixture of values that speak to the heart and to the brain. Our values govern the relationship we have with our surroundings and nature, with customers and environmental partners, and not least the employees in between.


We give realistic expectations and keep our promises.


We are passionate about the vision we have set and meet every challenge with enthusiasm.


​Our industry is developing at a high speed. We have to lead. 

Social responsibility

As a responsible company, we desperately want our actions to be reflected in how we give back to the society around us. We, therefore, emphasize that attitudes and actions must be compatible with the company's vision and values.

Social responsibility is aimed at our hearts, and we want to show this through practical action in that every year we will give 5% of our profits to social purposes.

Environmental lighthouse

d|rig is Environmental Lighthouse certified (Miljøfyrtårn), an environmental certificate which means that we have the systems to create a competitive advantage within sustainability. Members of the foundation are demanded to have environmentally friendly plans in place for waste, transport, purchasing, energy, and the working environment, and that we follow this in practice. We are very proud of the recognition and of course encourage all customers, suppliers, and partners to do the same.


Responsible transport

An extra hug to the environment.

In addition to our choice of climate-friendly carrier, we want to be able to give our customers the opportunity to compensate for their climate. d|rig's cabinets travel an average of 312.58 km per trip. If we calculate that the van has a consumption of 0.6 liters per mile and an emission of 2.66 CO2 per liter of diesel, that is 50 kg of CO2 emissions . If your company wants to neutralize the transport, check the WWF box when booking lockers and we will deduct this from you invoice basis. Every quarter, on behalf of our customers, we will donate the total amount to one of WWF's international projects.

GPS tracking

d|rig can offer FG units (tracking and recycling system) in dispatched equipment. This means that d|rig can at any time identify where the equipment is located. A small cost for increased security around the transport of not only sensitive information, but also expensive equipment. In the search for any stolen equipment, it will be possible to use both GPS, GSM and radio bearing as positioning technology. The service costs EUR 5 per day per unit, and is delivered in collaboration with ABAX.

Ansvarlig Transport
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