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Terms of sale

Terms of sale:

1. The seller is defined on the basis of the information that is used as a basis for completing the form. Buyer is defined as Drig AS, Fokserødveien 29, 3241 Sandefjord, organization number 991 413 723.

2. The seller is over 18 years of age at the time of sale and has the ability to enter into a legal contract.

3. The seller declares that the seller is the legal owner of the product being sold, and that the product is free of liens or encumbrances.

4. The seller assumes responsibility for any illegalities that may have occurred with the product before the time of sale. Drig AS is free from legal liability or obligations related to the product.

5. The seller understands and is aware that any errors / defects in the product will lead to a reduction in the sales price given by Drig AS.

6. The seller has approved that the device is tested and that diagnostics are run on the device before deleting content.

7. Approval of the terms is considered an acceptance of a transaction where the product is sold to Drig AS.

8. The seller confirms that he / she agrees that all content on the product will be deleted, and can not under any circumstances be returned to the seller after submission / delivery of the unit to Drig AS.

9. The seller confirms that he / she has made a copy of the contents of the product, as all data will be deleted.

10. Seller confirms that the device has not been stolen.

11. The seller confirms that he understands that the unit that is handed over can not deviate from the model described on the page, and that if the model deviates, Drig AS can terminate the purchase agreement.

12. The seller confirms that the responsibility for the unit until delivery to Drig AS lies with the seller. This includes any shipping.

13. The seller confirms that he understands that personal belongings that are delivered with the agreed equipment are not returned, such as computer mice or memory cards.

14. Drig AS reserves the right to claim its right to the product after the agreement has been entered into.

15. Personal data is processed in accordance with the current Personal Data Act / GDPR.

16. The seller understands that the agreed price, less any damage / defects, is transferred to the seller within a reasonable time after reviewing the product.

17. The seller confirms that the correct account number has been provided, and that in the event of missing information, the consideration for the unit will not be paid.

18. The seller confirms that the product is delivered to Drig AS by post or delivery point within 7 days after submission of the form.

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